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Champions Unleashed: Sports Meet 2024 Recap

A chapter closes, but the story continues.

Future-Ready Learning: Inside Shanti Asiatic School's Innovative Infrastructure!

Champions Unleashed: Sports Meet 2024 Recap

A chapter closes, but the story continues.

Happy Janmashtami

Donation Day (Kindness Week )

The First Anthology Members

Happy Janmashtami

Visit to Akshardham Temple

Tribute to Unsung Heroes on Kargil Diwas

Tiny Talkers

Investiture Ceremony 2023

"Leadership is not a position or a Title,it is an action and example " It was a sight to behold at the Investiture Ceremony at school as our new student council sworn in. We wish the new council good luck for their endeavour!!!

Drawing Competition VI to VI

See imagination come to life as students from Grades 6 to 8 showcase their artwork in this enthralling competition. Witness the power of art to transform thoughts into reality.

Visit to Plant Nursery (I & II)

"Exploring the wonders of nature's potential at the plant nursery! Our curious little ones observed a kaleidoscope of plants, from lush greens to vibrant blooms, without forgetting the power that lies within humble seeds. With wide eyes and eager hearts, they witnessed the beginning of life, inspiring a deep appreciation for the miracles that sprout from the tiniest of beginnings.

"Hasta La Vista" Farewell 2022-23

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are you will always be in our heart. Set your goals high and always dream big, because you are only as big as the dreams that you dare to live. Hata la vista kidos!

Sports Meet Dance Performance Chak De India

Sports Meet Dance Performace Jai Ho

Sports Meet 2022-23

It’s all about determination and pride! The zeal, the enthusiasm, the determination could be spectated in the ‘Sports Meet 2022-23’ conducted at SASJ. The amazing competition could be witnessed among our Kindorians and SASJians and so the winners are bestowed with the medals. The scholars have discovered their strength amazingly!

Fun at the Fun Kingdom

It was a refreshing and exciting trip to the Fun Kingdom of the SASJians.. They enjoyed and had a wondrous day at the park with their pals. Delight in the cheerful expressions of our electrifying scholars.

Frost Fest 2022

Hey dear munchkins! We are still not over the Frosty Fest. Are you? What a day it was! Wasn't it amazing? Full of fun, lip smacking appetizers, games, rides and above all the cherishable time with our loved ones. So, here we are bringing encapsulation of the moments. Delight in!

Fun by the Fire

Fun By The Fire 2022 can be the best nimiety of joy other than the collection of reminiscing memories of childhood!!SS rganised - A Night Camp for the students of grades VI -IX on December 10, 2022 wherein the students had ball and enthralling hours of laughter sessions; Be it Dance Party near Bonfire or Hunt to find the treasure with the beginning of the blissful morning of great health. Nothing lasts forever but what remains is the imprints that will be equivalent to evermore

Vocal for Local

Mere tumharey sabkey liye 'Happy Diwali'! Here are the delightful sights of our little munchkins where they pretended to be the local shopkeepers, and created the notion of the local market and gave the message to do shopping from the local market and make their Diwali brighter. Cheers to the zeal of our Kindorians!

Garba Elite

Re Haalo! The auspicious days of Navratri have come to an end, the garba nights have filled our twilights with silver memories. We miss all of them! Hence, Shanti Asiatic School has brought the delightful glimpses of the celebration held at the school premises on 2.10.22 (Sunday). Enjoy the bright sight of the prayers offered by our honorable Chairman sir and Administrative Head, garba performance by groovy SASJians and parents. Certainly, the crescent sight has given you a gleeful experience.

Independence Day 2021

Online Activites & Director's Message

Independence Day

Online Activities

Independence Day

Activcities performed by students

Pool Party - Let’s beat the heat

Promo of School

School Inside

Let's have the tour of the school interior

School Walk-Through

Let's have the tour of the school interior

Health Activity

Outdoor Activity

Craft Activity

Indoor Activity

Performance Practice

Group Activity