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Hiyansh Choudhary Class : 1st

Our child is a quick learner but he often finds his online classes boring. This can be attributed to many things including the fact that he has been using his laptop to watch cartoons and this has made neural pathways in his brain connecting watching something on the laptop with something humorous and funny. Anything else will seem boring.

But this has changed with this new way of teaching. It was like watching a cartoon for him. If we leave rare occasions when one of his classmates did something funny during the class, we saw him laughing during the class for the first time. We didn’t have to ask him to pay attention for a single time. That was so relaxing for us as parents and any discerning parent would appreciate efforts put by the school management and the teachers.

All of his teachers are incredibly informative & supportive. They are putting in their 100% to make sure students learn efficiently and effectively during these challenging times.