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Parent of Udvita Gupta Class-2

Hello, ma’am Now when the session is about to compete I want to congratulate all the teachers & management for their sincere efforts to keep small children curious for learning every day something new. I am satisfied with the grooming of my child. All the academic-related activities helped the children to grow in all aspects. I Again congratulations to Shanti Asiatic Team.


Parents of Avyukt Agarwal Class – 3rd

I am extremely happy and feel short of words to express the exceptional hard work being put in the online classes by all the teachers. The way you are interacting with the students making learning so interesting explaining is just outstanding. Taking all children together is not easy, but you all made it. Your expertise in teaching has put my mind at ease. Thank you to all the SASJ Teachers and the whole team.


Parents of Atharv Tambi Class-2

Thank you for your enthusiasm in everything you do and helping me ‘when I felt down (more times than I can count).” “Thank you for your understanding and patience. You’re a great teacher and everything , you’ve done means so much to me.” “Thank you all so much for the I support that you’ve provided me with.. want to give special thanks to Divya ma’am, for there support.
Thank you for being the best teacher in the world. You inspired me in me a love for learning and made me feel like i could ask you anythig. You always had the patience for my questions and know just hoe to explain the answer, I feel so truly lucky to have a teacher who shows all the care, understanding, and patience that you do. Thank you for everything.


Parents of Charvy Goyanka Class – II

I have had an incredible experience seeing my child study online with the help of enormous efforts put in by the teachers of Shanti Asiatic School. I can proudly say that my child is in absolutely right hands and i made the right decision to send my child to study in your school.


Priyanshi Vijayvargiya Class : 12 (Commerce)

Good Afternoon!
I am Priyanshi Vijayvargiya of Class 12(Commerce), I would like to share my experience of the ongoing virtual classes. The lectures are very interactive, teachers are putting a lot of effort to make lectures lively and wonderful. I would also like to speak of the technical team, they are very supportive and solves all the problems of students for the smooth running of our virtual classes. I would love to thank all of my school staff for putting in their efforts for the betterment of our education.
Thank you so much.


Prachi Yogi Class : 3rd

I want to thank all the teachers of SASJ for the hard work they have put in for the online sessions, Great efforts done by Neetu ma’am… Prachi and other students also enjoyed your revision session especially the Doreman and mittu…

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Hiyansh Choudhary Class : 1st

Our child is a quick learner but he often finds his online classes boring. This can be attributed to many things including the fact that he has been using his laptop to watch cartoons and this has made neural pathways in his brain connecting watching something on the laptop with something humorous and funny. Anything else will seem boring.

But this has changed with this new way of teaching. It was like watching a cartoon for him. If we leave rare occasions when one of his classmates did something funny during the class, we saw him laughing during the class for the first time. We didn’t have to ask him to pay attention for a single time. That was so relaxing for us as parents and any discerning parent would appreciate efforts put by the school management and the teachers.

All of his teachers are incredibly informative & supportive. They are putting in their 100% to make sure students learn efficiently and effectively during these challenging times.


Prathav Godra Class : VIII-B

Good afternoon,
I am a mother of Parthav Godara of class VIII B.
I liked the new teaching of the teachers of SASJ they make the learning easier with very interactive classes.


Hardika Godara Class : XII (Humanities)

Good afternoon I am a mother of Hardika Godara of class XI humanities I am happy with the new ways of teaching adopted by the teachers which make the class more interesting and interactive. I also liked the new strategies opted by the teachers for easier understanding.


Ms. Priyank Pareek

I went to SAS and loved it.