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Mrs.Monika Paliwal


“Knowledge is not power in itself. However, how you think and use your knowledge determines your power.”


Curriculum & Various Activities Produces Future Disciplined Leaders

The entire nature of the school is undergoing a fundamental transformation, the world over. The whole focus has turned to a learner-centric humanistic education in pursuit of equality, ethics & excellence.

In modern times education has been subjected to a great pedagogical metamorphosis and our school has been keeping pace with the sweeping changes producing creative, thoughtful, natural, and effective leaders, who not only have universal appeal in their attitude but also possess the necessary instinct to bring in the necessary reforms in the society and the world at large to make this planet a beautiful place to live in.

The school has designed its curriculum & various activities to produce future disciplined leaders having multi-tasking skills, a free innovative mind, and power of self-control. The refining fire of discipline will change the talent of the students to abilities. In the age of knowledge explosion, only extraordinary men will survive as leaders.

SAS believes in letting those strong values, powerful inspiration, and unanswering integrity radiate from teachers and students alike, individually and collectively so that the common mind be rightly moved and refinement achieved in proper measure.

The power of the mind is like the rays of light dissipated, when they are concentrated they illuminate. The committed & caring staff believes in the vision & the mission of the group and is firmly devoted to further the cause of holistic education to realize every student`s potentialities and in attaining a harmonious and complete personality with positive intent and an ever-increasing self-being.

 I on behalf of the entire school staff & the students would like to express my gratefulness to the school’s top management for being extremely cooperative, cooperative, supportive, and guiding light throughout our pursuit for excellence.

” Do not educate your child to be rich, educated him to be happy, so when he grows up, he will know the value of things, not the price.” 

With this, I wish all the best to all of you.