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By Pre-School Head

Dear Parent,

I am pleased to welcome you and your children to Shanti Asiatic Pre-School.

It is our School’s philosophy that Happy Children, Learn Faster. In line with the same, we at Pre-School believe that young children have a right to joyful learning experiences full of awe and wonder. As we are well aware that all children love to play and Play is what children do the best, therefore, we have made this the foundation of their learning. At our Pre-School, we work to provide a rich and stimulating experience as well as a nurturing, positive, and challenging environment for each student. We help children to develop the skills, attitudes, concepts, and knowledge that they will need for now and the rest of their lives.

The Pre-School Programme adopts a cognitive and constructivist approach to curriculum emphasizing active child-centered learning experiences. The curriculum centers on children’s interests, curiosity, and their natural quest for knowledge which leads to experiences in inquiry, investigations, discovery, and active hands-on explorations. Expectations for holistic goals, development of life skills and competencies, dispositions, and attitudes are promoted through an innovative integrated and project work curriculum complemented by an interactive skills-based curriculum, all of which are process-oriented and centers on the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, and skills.

The most important aspect of a Pre-School is one, where all students feel valued and safe. Our school is a place where they know that they are surrounded by people genuinely there to help and support them. Our teachers ensure that all children feel included, secured, and valued. With great passion, they are trying to develop the tiny tots in global citizens with 21st-century skills.

Our Pre-School K-3 Programme includes Nursery, Lower KG, and Upper KG.

Hope to see you soon…
Pre-School Head

Shanti Asiatic School

An English Medium School In Jaipur