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Nidhi Sharma

Nidhi Sharma

PGT Biology


  • B.Sc. Pass Course (Biotechnology, Chem. Bot.)
  • B.ed (Bachelor in Education)
  • M.Sc. (Biotechnology )
  • M.Sc (Zoology)

Expertise –

  • 7+ years of working experience
  • Education, coaching In the pathology lab of cancer hospital on OVARIAN CANCER ANTIGEN
  • Awarded with best teacher award in the academic year.
  • Participated in OTQ workshop of CBSE.
  • Participated in the awareness program organised by NATIONAL IP AWARENESS MISSION (NIPAM


Nidhi Sharma, is reliable conscientious and dedicated. She is open minded and tolerant of all customs, values and traditions. She is patient and polite and do not mind working through things in a caring encouraging way with students. She strives to be prompt and efficient in her teaching methods. She also  likes to remain approachable, encouraging and supportive.Being a biotechnologist she strives for experimental and conceptual learning in biology.

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