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Meenaxi Kanthaliya

Meenaxi Kanthaliya

PGT Maths


  • B.Sc.
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics
  • B.Ed.
  • O-Level


  • 18+ years of working experience
  • Curator of Mathematics Graphics Novel, CBSE.
  • Attended various workshop.
  • Strong knowledge of Maths subject and ability to teach same to class 11th and 12th class learners.
  • Proficient in preparation of the chapter assignments and ensuring them to be completed on time.
  • Excellent presentation skills that helps the students to retain the learning and use them in solving the homework problems.
  • Expertise in designing of the lessons and the content material for the ready reference of the students.
  • IN-depth understanding of the numbers and how to make them appear easy to the students.
  • Identification of the main problem areas of the students and making easy explanations for a better grasping.

Meenaxi is a hardworking, sincere, true and honest teacher. She can feel the difficulties that are usually faced by the students in understanding a new concept in learning process, so she prepares her every lecture in a unique and different manner to meet the requirement of every student of her class. She is a responsible teacher who understands the importance of conceptual knowledge in learning mathematics . Her students never need to cram anything. Her way of teaching is so easy, simple and logical that students understand the concept in no time and get motivated to solve the exercise questions on their own without anyone’s help. She believes in conceptual understanding and delivers the same in her lectures.

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