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The Importance of Creativity in student’s Life 2 APRIL 2021

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We all know that creativity is something that inspires millions of people to do the unthinkable and extraordinary. It is their creativity that helps them see things that others don’t and help them do the things that others might not even try.
As a school, it is the duty of the teachers to show some elements of creativity to make the day-to-day lesions and sessions more creative and interesting for students. The right amalgam of creativity and knowledge can help students bring new and interesting ideas to reality by learning.
Creative classrooms can really transform the way students study and help them apply it in real life with more advanced ideas. And for that, it is the school that has to plan some specific things so that they can help and motivate students for creative thinking in routine. Let us understand the need and importance of creativity in a student’s life.

The Importance of Creativity in student’s Life
1. It makes learning fun

Regular methods of learning as always steady and students are opting for them for a very long time but what is important is to juggle them for fun learning. Creative classrooms help students do fun and learning together what eventually helps in a better understanding of any topic. With the help of creative learning, the students can have fun and can study together along with getting better results in the future.

2. Freedom of Expression

Not like other old-school methods, creative classrooms give exposure to students so that they can express themselves in front of everyone. Let it be a debate, group discussion, field trips, or any competition, students get a chance to express their ideas in front of the world without being judged for what they say. It helps boost confidence in them and also gives them a sense of happiness and goodness.

3. Emotional Development

Creativity comes from creative learning and its expression helps students to trigger up their emotional quotient. When students and children go into creative learning, they witness plethora of things, explore surroundings and also learn new things that eventually do their emotional development.

4. Helps reducing Stress and Anxiety

When someone is stressed about something and thinks a lot about negative things around him, doing things that makes them happy can help reducing stress always. Just like that, students contributing to creativity and creative learning will excel in reducing stress and anxiety.

5. Enhances Thinking Capability

Creativity generates imaginative thinking and brings innovation to their mind. The main reason why teacher promotes creativity and creative learning by open-end questions, team-building activities, debates, quizzes, and brainstorming sessions is to build thinking capabilities by improving their creativity.
If you are a parent or a teacher, you can also try some brainstorming sessions and other activities to help your child get creative on their own and expand their imaginative approach.

6. Improved focus and attention

Creativity is directly linked with your mind and its performance that will help a child stay more focused and attentive through their childhood.
When a student studies through conventional methods they feel bored and it takes away their focus from the real learning. But with the help of creativity in learning, they can get their focus right on the topic and help them get a better understanding.
From all the above-given information, we can see that creativity can help a student to be a better learner in life and it also helps in bringing more focus and do their overall development more precisely. You can also think about creative learning for your child.

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