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Dramatic skills add a cutting edge to one’s personality as they enhance one’s speaking skills, inculcate self-confidence & power of empathy & enrich one’s vision & store of experiences. Keeping this in our view we have organized a drama “The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton” for the students of classes XI & XIII


Talent Hunt

Talent Hunt for students is a great idea,it provides an opportunity to hunt others their creativity and talent. Keeping this in our view we have organised a talent hunt for our talented students.

Glimpse Of Virtual Learning

Our innovative online Learning program is designed to allow self-directed learning, honing specific skills related to a student's interests and career goals.Our mentors provide critical support to our young learners. By developing a face-to-face connection, keeping students on schedule and providing guidance and support, our professional & highly qualified mentors are making online learning a great experience for our students….Have a look !