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Farewell 2022
Chemistry is often perceived as complicated and even boring.  At our school, learning chemistry is super fun!  It is a place to explore, enjoy and also understand the responsibility of treating equipment and chemicals with the care and attention they deserve.  Learning methods, facilities and the faculty here prove that the subject can be interesting and easy to learn.
A “Role Play Activity” on “Freedom Fighters” was organised for our young students of classes IX to XI on 20 December,2021 .The students portrayed the role of freedom fighters and made everyone aware about their contribution in the history of Indian Independence.
Management” Workshop was organized for the students of grade X. The goal of this workshop was to help students devise study strategies and learn anxiety reduction techniques which will serve to increase their chances for success when taking tests and examinations.
Dramatic skills add a cutting edge to one’s personality as they enhance one’s speaking skills, inculcate self-confidence & power of empathy & enrich one’s vision & store of experiences. Keeping this in our view we have organized a drama “The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton” for the students of classes XI & XIII

Sandeep Faujdar of class X brought laurels to the school with his commendable achievement in 65th District Level Athletics Tournament held at Govt. Sr. Sec. School,Phagi , Jaipur. He won a Silver Medal in the long jump & also got selected for the State Level Tournament which will be held on 22-11-2021 to 27-11-2021.


French Drama


Scribbling is not only a fun; it can also teach toddlers different skills! ‘Scribbles’ is one such fun toddler activity that encourages hand-eye coordination and identification of colors. It also helps improve their concentration and attention span.

Earth Day Pledge

Students of SASJ participated in various activities to mark the World Earth Day. An array of creative activities was organised with a view to sensitise the children about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit towards making their planet even more beautiful. At the onset of their class, all the students took ‘ Earth Day Pledge’ along with their educators.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, & shows the way.

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates of the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and The United Nations agenda, and the participants represent a country as it delegates and take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult and then arrive at solutions to world problems.

Advertisements are the most powerful

Advertisements are the most powerful means of drawing the attention of general masses, specially kids towards products of all kind, An interesting activity “Make your own ad “was organised with the chief motto of bringing our students creativity and power of imagination to limelight.

Dance is music made visible

There are so many reasons why dance is important to the health and development of our young students . Above all, children need to move! Any way to get kids moving on their feet is a must (especially in a digital era). Dance burns calories, strengthens muscles, improves balance, increases flexibility, and gives the heart a good workout. Dance has also been proven to increase cognitive development.

Teachers' Day

Card Making Activity

An extempore is a stage performance

An extempore is a stage performance that is carried out without preparation or forethought. It puts to test one’s ability to think on the spot and also their spontaneity. To imbibe a true spirit of learning and competition amongst students,an Extempore Competition was conducted on 17 February 2022 . Every participant was given a minute; precisely to prepare the speech on the topic allotted at that moment. The students were asked to pick up chits for the sequence of participation and also for the topic being assigned. The topics in the competition varied from being associated with current news, issues and happenings, to topics that were completely abstract. A few topics that were picked out at the competition were: * Crypto Currency * Artificial Intelligence * Shark Tank

Talent Hunt

Talent Hunt for students is a great idea,it provides an opportunity to hunt others their creativity and talent. Keeping this in our view we have organised a talent hunt for our talented students.

Importance to Music

We give as much importance to music as we give to academics. That’s because we believe music has the power to change our students into good human beings and change the world.SASJ is equipped with a full-fledged music room complete with all latest musical equipments to help our students become musically active.

Got tired of perfect pictures !!

Got tired of perfect pictures !! We shot a behind-the-scenes video which was totally awkward and certainly fun

Glimpse Of Virtual Learning

Our innovative online Learning program is designed to allow self-directed learning, honing specific skills related to a student's interests and career goals.Our mentors provide critical support to our young learners. By developing a face-to-face connection, keeping students on schedule and providing guidance and support, our professional & highly qualified mentors are making online learning a great experience for our students….Have a look !