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Academic Head

Life is a complicated process. Life starts before we are ready. As a matter of fact, it continues, while we are trying to make sense of it. It is vital that the “young people” prepare for this journey, called life, as soon as they can

My Adaptability

I believe that the vision, mission, inspiration, and values that the Shanti Asiatic School believes in, will develop a child to be a strong citizen and contribute towards making our country a strong nation. The strength of a building is due to its foundation and that makes Pre-primary schooling very important. We at Pre Primary aim at molding the young minds so that they willingly accept the education, culture, ethos, values, discipline, and self-respect, thereby making a strong foundation for future India.

My Mission

I aspire to make the young people “socially adaptable” and “capable of thinking analytically”. I work to make the young people understand that, they are part of something much bigger. Young people need to be made to understand that they do have rights but they also have responsibilities. The young people will be trained to ask questions and not accept anything at face value.